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Remote working: towards a new managerial culture?

24 Mai 2020 à 12:59

83% of our clients and candidates surveyed are satisfied with the speed of their employers in implementing remote working. While some confess that the first two weeks were experimental, all now say that the habits are set and the processes are applied. It would seem that the crisis has brought one advantage: that of having brought a large number of recalcitrant companies into the 21st century. The HR managers we surveyed are convinced that this will be one of the major changes that will continue post-confinement. The tools work, the processes work, but what about the people dimension?

While some people think that matrix structures have already enabled teams to be effective in remote management, it would nevertheless seem that most managers, especially local managers, have not been trained to support their teams remotely, especially over the long term. Companies are therefore confronted with the real managerial culture they have developed and the support they have (or have not) put in place to optimise the capabilities of their managers. Too often today, we hear candidates confide: "my manager didn't know what I was doing before, with teleworking it's worse! "or "we only have one call a week, I feel alone in my work and useless". Contrary to popular belief, we are convinced that telework is an accelerator of both individual and collective performance when it is thought out intelligently and reflected as a corporate culture in its own right. Above all, it highlights the real skills of each individual and the intrinsic motivations to be a manager by conviction and not for status. Companies must realize that it is through their local managers that they will ensure their sustainability and that it is urgent to provide them with the support they need to succeed.

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